Website Design Cost Guide and Packages

Please find below our website design cost and pricing guide. Below are some of our most common packages, with price range estimates based on what most clients pay. 

Please note these are estimates only. Get in touch for a package tailored to your needs, and for an accurate quote.

Simple Website Build

Simple websites that the owner will self-manage.

$350 – $1000

Advanced Website Build

Small to medium-sized websites with extra features and ongoing support.

$1500 – $3000
(Optional SEO & Support: $900 – $1500/mo)

Deluxe Website Build

Larger, functional websites, with all-inclusive support, and online brand growth.

$3000 – $5000+
(Optional SEO & Support: $1000 – $2000/mo)

For pre-existing websites which require ongoing maintenance, updates and support.

Occassional Updates

For websites that require updates once or twice a month. No lock-in contract.


Regular Updates & Maintenance

For website that require weekly updates and maintenance. Minimum 3-month contract.


Advanced Updates & Maintenance

For websites that require full site management and daily updates. Minimum 3-month contract.


Redesigns, Improvements and Other Services

We also offer packages for website redesigns, content-writing, and our other services. 

Since the cost of this work is highly dependent on the project, please contact us directly for a quote. We will help you determine exactly what you need, and provide it at the lowest.

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