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Web Design and Builds

We aim deliver the first draft of your website in 10 business days, after the website design has been locked down. We offer one or two rounds of revisions (as agreed beforehand), and this typically requires another 4 business days until you have a completed site. Website redesigns typically take the same time, as we transfer all the information from your old website.

This time frame may be extended if there are any delays receiving any information we need from you.


After we have provided a quote and you decide you would like to go ahead, our design process has four stages: Planning, Build, Review & Quality Assurance and Deployment & Support.

  • Planning:We have a meeting with learn about you, define your requirements, and decide on all aspects of the design (such as colour and pages).
  • Build: We build the first draft of your website. We contact you if there is anything to clarify.
  • Review & Quality Assurance: We present the first draft to you, and make any changes you require. We perform final checks to ensure everything is up to scratch. 
  • Deployment & Support: Your site goes live and we’re here to help with any immediate issues. If you require ongoing support, we can manage all aspects of your website for you for a monthly fee.

Updates and Maintenance

We perform regular updates every day (including weekends) after business hours. Urgent updates are performed immediately.

Yes! We generally provide one-off support or updates free-of-charge, if your website was built by us. In other cases, we will charge at an hourly rate. If you feel you will need ongoing support (once per month, or more regular) we encourage you to ask for an ongoing support plan, since it is better value.

Redesigns and Improvements

Design refreshes and migrations typically take the same time to complete as a website build (14 business days).

The time frame for improvements is from 7 -14 business days.

Yes, we call these migrations. You can get more details here.


Each project is individual, and each client’s needs are different. We need more specific details about what you’re planning (e.g. what pages you would like, whether you have an existing site, what functionality you require, etc.) to give accurate quotes.

You can request a free quote today so we can discuss your vision, determine what services you need, and minimise costs for you.

We will send you a file-sharing link using WeTrasnfer or Dropbox. We can help if you have any issues with this.

You can also send smaller files over email to [email protected]

You can send us text in a PDF, Word Document, or in the body of an email. For images, please send these in JPG, BMP, TIFF or PNG format, in the highest resolution possible.

Absolutely! Most SEO practices focus on Google, since it accounts for 85% of all all internet searches. However, the same optimisation will also work for Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

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